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House after Garbage Removal - Texas

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Professional Garbage Removal for Texas

When you need garbage removal in Texas, Tony's Affordable Junk Removal is the place to call. We serve Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.

Garbage Removal & Junk Removal

Clean your home or business properly with an experienced junk removal team. Our friendly crew will see that your garbage is hauled away efficiently and quickly. We are proud to offer larger containers (up to 100% larger) and cheaper prices (up to 50% cheaper) than our competitors! Whatever your needs — from carpet removal and attic cleanups to shed demolition or general yard cleaning, we're the team that do the job right. In fact, we can even supply you with video evidence of our proper disposal habits if required. We do pick up household chemicals, but are unable to accept hazardous or toxic chemicals such as industrial lead, asbestos, industrial strength liquids, and acid.

Complete Trash Cleanup - Texas

Clutter before Garbage Removal - TexasRecycle Bin for Trash Cleanup - Texas

Hoarder Cleanup & Trash Cleaning

In a hoarder cleanup situation, discretion is paramount. We understand the difficulty and potential embarrassment caused by such cases, and we work diligently with you or a trusted friend/family member to help sort out precious mementos while expeditiously disposing of the excess clutter. We do it all, from removing basic clutter such as excess paperwork, books, and hobbies, all the way up to cleanout of entire households. We also come equipped with protective gear, when necessary, to remove soiled items. Call us to discuss how we can help!

Tree Removal & Yard Pick-up

Windstorms and other natural phenomena can cause havoc with your yard, while rotting trees present a danger to your friends and family. Just give the team at Tony's Affordable Junk Removal a call, and we will quickly tidy up your yard. We provide complete tree removal, hauling away leaves, limbs, and trunks.